Hawaii's Heisman Hopeful: Mariota on football, future

EUGENE, OREGON (HawaiiNewsNow) - "I haven't really put much thought into it, I haven't let myself think that way".

Marcus Mariota insists, he hasn't considered entering the NFL draft at the end of this season, based on some valuable advice from family.

"My parents say it can become a distraction but they say for the most part, enjoy the moment, enjoy this senior class because some of these guys are the closest friends I've made here".

In our conversation Thursday, Marcus remained focused on football, but at times, allowed himself a moment or reflection on what this experience has been like

"That was my mom's biggest pitch - it fits you, it fits your personality. Throughout any recruiting process, you have to find what fits you. It was one of those things that I felt comfortable here, and it allowed me to grow here. That's all you can really ask for".

However, there are signs around campus revealing the sense of finality that's hanging in the air like the November chill; a "Mahalo Days" sign hangs inside the Duck Store, where they're selling lei for people to wear to the game on Saturday.

Outside, the local media, surrounded head coach Mark Helfrich, trying to get an answer. He successfully sidestepped the questioning.

"Knowing the person he is, the competitor he is, to want to leave on his terms. I think that goes into it more than anything else" said the coach.

And going out on his terms, means going out on top.

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