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City serves up violation notices to Waikiki lunch wagon operators

Walt Flood Walt Flood
WAIKIKI (HawaiiNewsNow) - A new lunch wagon park in Waikiki is running into trouble with the city. 

The city's Department of Planning and Permitting approved a Special District Permit for the park in January. There are currently seven lunch wagons operating in the park, but the city says the permit only allows five.

Planning and Permitting director George Atta also said and inspector found that six of the lunch wagons lacked current licenses, registrations and safety checks, and "were considered structures that lacked the required building permits, not vehicles."

"And we also found out the electrical is out of code and the propane (tanks) don't have barriers," said longtime Waikiki Neighborhood Board member Walt Flood. "There could be major injury if they're hit by a car or truck."

Flood also doesn't think the trucks should be allowed to stay in the park overnight.

"They can be here all day," he said. "They leave at nighttime, come back the next day, set up shop again, they can do their business. But they cannot be here 24/7. That's out of the code."

The permit approved by the city said, "It is our understanding that these lunch wagons (motor vehicles) will be operated by independent food truck vendors and they will come in the morning and leave at night each day."

Hawaii News Now was unable to reach the owner of the property Wednesday night. And although some of the trucks still didn't have license plates or safety checks visible, operators who didn't want to go on camera said the trucks are driveable.

The lunch wagons have until November 27, Thanksgiving Day, to either get a building permit or otherwise correct the violations.

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