A Makiki teen's fight to stay alive

Teen battles 3 life-threatening medical conditions in style
Skyler Soares
Skyler Soares

MAKIKI (HawaiiNewsNow) - Every teenager has a wish.

When Skylar Soares of Makiki, 13, was asked what she wanted to be when she grew up, she said, “Oh, a doctor of course."

"I think she's someone we should look to for inspiration of how we should live our life," said her hula teacher Michael Casupang of Halau I Ka Wekiu.

On April 29th 2013, Skylar was granted a wish. But instead of getting, she chose to give.

"I think people buy my hats not because they're cheap but because of my story," said Skylar.

With the help of Make-A-Wish Foundation, Skylar launched "HiSky" last year. It's a stylish hat line inspired by her medical conditions to protect her sensitive skin.

Skylar has a rare disease called Job Syndrome, Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis and Lupus; all are life-threatening.

"She had multi-system failure, so organs started shutting down from her right side to her left, one by one, and it pushed her up to the transplant list, to the top of the transplant list for the country," said her mom Irma Baptiste.

"It's probably more scary for my mom than it is for me because she, I mean she saw me, she saw the flat line go across the monitor, she saw the people have to do the clear thing on me," Skylar said.

On Saturday, supporters for Skylar gathered at the Pagoda Hotel for a fundraiser to help with her mounting medical bills. There, she sported her stylish hat line. The proceeds will help her receive the treatment she needs on the East Coast.

"I have to watch my sun exposure so I put sunscreen on whenever I go out, I wear sun safe clothing and I wear hats all the time…and so I want to teach others about it.  And through HiSky, I do that,” she said.

And that is Skylar's wish.

For information on how to help Skylar: http://hisky.us/

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