State: Hawaiian Affairs office broke meeting law

State: Hawaiian Affairs office broke meeting law

KAILUA-KONA, Hawaii (AP) - A state panel says the Office of Hawaiian Affairs broke open meeting laws in a dispute over whether or not the Hawaiian Nation exists.

CEO Kamanaopono Crabbe had sent a letter to Secretary of State John Kerry asking whether the Hawaiian Nation exists in the eyes of the federal government.

But the board of the state agency then wrote a follow-up note to Kerry rescinding Crabbe's letter.

West Hawaii Today reported Friday that the Office of Information Practices found the board's decision to send its letter problematic. That's because it didn't allow the public to comment before meeting privately to make that decision.

In the Crabbe's letter, he says the U.S. government has acknowledged that the U.S.-backed overthrow of the Hawaii Kingdom in 1893 was illegal.

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