Local Connection: Hawaii Poll

Local Connection: Hawaii Poll

By: Rick Blangiardi

The Hawaii Poll numbers are in and they are indeed surprising.

Who would have guessed that little known David Ige would knock off incumbent Neil Abercrombie and hold a 12-point lead over republican Duke Aiona going into the Nov. 4 election?

Who would have believed that democrat Mark Takai and Republican Charles Djou would be in a dead heat with about a week to go?

If you support David Ige, it's because his values are similar to yours or because of party affiliation. If you like Duke Aiona, you like his values and leadership. If you are a Mufi Hannemann supporter, you respect his extensive leadership experience.

It's interesting that the same-sex marriage issue was cited by less than 2 percent of the voters as a reason to support any of the three gubernatorial candidates. There are more pressing issues in the minds of the voters.

I think the results of the Hawaii poll, conducted by Ward research, are strong reasons to go out and vote. No matter whom you support, these candidates deserve to know where you stand. Mail in those ballots or get to the polls.

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