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Authorities search for former MCCC guard indicted for sexual assault

Criminal Defense Attorney Myles Breiner Criminal Defense Attorney Myles Breiner
MAUI (HawaiiNewsNow) - A former Maui Community Correctional Center guard, who is accused of sex crimes, is believed to have fled to Guam.

The Maui prosecutor's office is working with U.S. Marshals to track down James Siugpiyemal, 41, who faces five counts of sex assault against a female inmate.

The inmate has since been transferred to the Women's Community Correctional Center on Oahu because her attorney fears she is being retaliated against and that it could affect her upcoming parole hearing on Nov. 20.

"He demanded sex of her and then if she didn't do what he asked her to, he was going to report her for whatever violation he could trump up," said Criminal Defense Attorney Myles Breiner.

Breiner says that's how the sexual relationship began this past summer. He says after several months, the woman (who Hawaii News Now is not identifying) plants a camera in her car as she returns from work furlough.

The man who climbs into her back seat is Siugpiyemal, the adult correctional officer in charge of checking her in and out.

Eventually the two of them have sex. Afterward, she saved his DNA and gave everything including the video and his sexual text messages to the authorities.

Breiner says she was immediately given a drug test called a “urinalysis” or “UA.”

"Initially it tested negative which is not surprising because she's not using drugs. Two hours later she was requested to give another UA. They waited over a month to inform her that it was a positive UA,” Breiner said.

Breiner said it tested positive for methamphetamine. He says he believes her urine sample had been tampered with.

"The irony is that she's the victim of sexual assault by an ACO yet she's being punished and placed back in custody and may in fact not qualify for parole because of the pending sex assault investigation where she's the victim," he said.

The video was shown to a grand jury which indicted Siugpiyemal on October 24th. But the state Department of Public Safety said that Siugpiyemal resigned on October 8th. Breiner thinks someone tipped him off.

"I trust the Maui prosecutor's office. I would like to trust the U.S. Marshals to do their job. The sad part is this gentleman should never have been allowed to leave the state."

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