Sanctions possible for Hawaii prison gang binder

Sanctions possible for Hawaii prison gang binder


Associated Press

HONOLULU (AP) - A defense attorney may have to pay sanctions for a binder containing sensitive prison gang documents that was found in a downtown Honolulu eatery.

Federal prosecutors requested Thursday's hearing after learning that the binder ended up in the eatery. They say if it got into the wrong hands it could have dangerous consequences.

A former Halawa Correctional Facility guard was convicted last month of taking bribes from the "USO Family" prison gang to smuggle drugs to inmates. A Halawa inmate was found guilty of leading a brutal assault for the gang.

There was testimony about gang members using court documents to see who is snitching.

U.S. District Judge Leslie Kobayashi says she'll look at the binder's contents and consider prosecutors' legal fees before determining sanctions against defense attorney Marcus Sierra.

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