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Erosion exposed concrete in Waikiki not likely to be removed

WAIKIKI (HawaiiNewsNow) - The experts say it's no big deal, but people who frequent Waikiki Beach say erosion is causing problems and exposing buried concrete.

Nearly three years ago the State added sand to the beach between the Royal Hawaiian and Kuhio Beach.  Last October the City brought in more sand to cover the old exposed concrete. However it was washed away in about a day. A few months later the tide brought a lot back.  Now this October the old concrete foundation is back again.

Erosion continues to make a splash in Waikiki as concrete foundation is exposed again near the Hawaiian Oceans Waikiki rental stand.

"I certainly think they have to do something with it. There have just been way too many injuries we've been seeing so we'd like to see them take some form of action," said Rob Siock, Hawaiian Oceans Waikiki.

Algae have collected which makes the concrete slick.  It is an area where surfers come and go. Some kids are able to navigate the area just fine, but not all.

"Kids are sitting here playing. I've seen kids crash into the wall with their boards on a regular basis," said Randy Otto, Waikiki resident.

Waikiki Beach hasn't been in its natural state for over a century.  The foundation is believed to be from the Old Waikiki Tavern which was leveled in the 60's.

From an erosion standpoint University of Hawaii's School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology Chip Fletcher says it's not a big deal. This corner has always had erosion problems and its going to continue, but he doesn't believe the beach will unravel.

As for taking out the wall completely, the City says that would be a major project requiring Army Corps of Engineering permits and extensive research into the effects it would have.  Since its acting like a sea wall removing it could cause more erosion.

"That's kind of the debate you have whether you pull it down would it just come up more and more," said Siock.

Whatever the solution is, it has yet to float to the surface.

"If I knew I probably would've won the election yesterday," said Otto.

The concrete has become a conversation piece for people passing by. With no plans to add more sand or remove the concrete it will likely be talked about for a long time.

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