Governor-elect Ige reflects laid-back Hawaii style

Governor-elect Ige reflects laid-back Hawaii style


Associated Press

HONOLULU (AP) - There wasn't any grand speech when Hawaii's governor-elect David Ige cruised to victory on election night.

Soft-spoken Ige is a modest engineer who quietly rose through the ranks of the state house. On Tuesday, he got through the night barely acknowledging that he won the state's highest office.

Instead, Ige humbly thanked his supporters over and over. He apologetically told a crowd of supporters who stayed late at his party, "there's lots more food."

While Ige's humble style may not work for a candidate on the mainland, it's appreciated in the laid-back island state.

Analysts say Ige's style reflects a culture that rewards people for not standing out. Voters say they like politicians who are humble, and they don't need boisterous personalities as long as they get the job done.

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