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THE FISHING is a half hour film starring Robert Kekaula and Keali'i Reichel who's acting on screen for the first time. It's a story about a group of fishing buddies who try to stop developers from building a hotel on their favorite beach, and it's one of five short local films in a HIFF program that will be shown at Dole Cannery Theaters on Nov. 2 at 1:30 pm and on Friday Nov. 7 at 8 pm at Koko Marina.        

The beach the group wants to save is already being prepared for construction. So they decide to bury an old human skull under an ancient rock wall on the site, hoping that when the skull is discovered, development will be stopped.

But the friends can't agree on what to do next.  Kalani played by Keali'i Reichel is worried. “We never fix nothing,” he tells his friends. “We gotta make it right.”

But Ronald is big, bold and brash. As played by Robert Kekaula, Ronald dominates the group and carries the film. “The way I see it,” Ronald says, “that land belongs to whoever is living there at the moment. And at the moments, the bones are there.”

Written by Catherine Tarleton and directed by Dave Rosen, THE FISHING CLUB is a prime example of how polished and professional local filmmaking has become. If you can't see it Sunday November 1 at 1:30 at Dole Cannery, you'll have another chance next Friday, November 7th at 8 pm at Koko Marina. You can get tickets for either showing at the Hawaii International Film Festival website:

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If you're in the mood for a crowd pleasing Hollywood comedy, Bill Murray's latest movie, ST. VINENT  is a very good choice. The laid back 64 year old comedian plays a crabby old geezer and ne'er do well who winds up babysitting the young son of his new neighbor, a newly divorced nurse played by Melissa Mccarthy. She confronts the geezer as her son is pushing a lawn mower around a yard that is nothing but dirt.

McCarthy: Why is he moving your dirt patch?
Murray: I'm showing him how the world works: You work; you get paid; you drink.

ST. VINCENT is a thoroughly enjoyable comedy with lots of laughs and a terrific debut performance by young Jaeden Lieberher as Murray's innocent but smart co-star.

Terry Hunter, Hawaii News Now.          

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