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Puna residents on the move while lava flow stalls

PUNA, BIG ISLAND (HawaiiNewsNow) -

The June 27 lava flow remained stalled above Pahoa Village Road, allowing some downslope residents more time to prepare and pack up to get out of its path.

According to Hawaii County Civil Defense, the flow remained 480 yards above the road and less than half a mile from Highway 130. Scientists were continuing to monitor several breakouts along the upslope margins of the flow.

New video showed one of the breakouts as it started moving through property on the north side of the main flow.The lava starts inches past a fence into a pastureland area. There are even some methane explosions as the lava moves through the foliage.

But by Saturday morning, the movement had come to a halt, and the main flow itself continued to inflate, growing taller and wider as the lava inside builds up.

While the flow itself remains stalled, work to get out of its way kept moving ahead.

In the Hawaiian Beaches Subdivision, a service called the Pele Pallet Pickup was assisting a resident – with members of a Boy Scout Troop doing their duty by loading up his possessions.

It's a service that started up several weeks ago as the flow edged its way through Puna.

"We've talked to many people," said Bill Paul, a Hilo resident who organized the service. "I've talked to people on the phone calling us for our service and they're crying on the phone."

"This was a godsend because I don't have the extra hands and I didn't have the resources for storing my valuables," said Robert Stralka, who called on the service to get his belongings out of his home and to a storage facility at a church in Hilo.

"I have contingency plans for a few other basic things. I've got two trucks two trucks in line so that at the last minute, as the lava's approaching, I'll be pulling out," he added.

"There's nothing you can do about it, and just hope. And talk to Madam Pele at night."

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