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Dogs' mouths duct taped by owner in Pauoa

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Andreea Angheluta was outraged seeing her neighbors dogs' mouths duct taped shut and hearing them cry and whimper.  She took pictures and told the owners to stop.

"Their thing was, 'mind your own business this is my property I can do what I want.' And it's like you're hurting someone. It's not okay constantly," said Andreea Angheluta, neighbor.

She says it's not the first time the pit bulls have been taped or abused.

"They literally are getting abused for being themselves, for being dogs," said Angheluta.

She recorded a profanity laced confrontation with the dogs' owners earlier this month.

"Hey f------ c---. Nosy b----. Get the f--- out. Mind your own f------ business!" said a man and woman on the recording that went on for several minutes. "Mind your own business. You are a nosy a-- b----!"

We stopped by the house on Booth Road in Pauoa.  The dogs were not taped at the time.

The owner wasn't there but she called us back later. She admits to duct taping the dogs' mouths because she says neighbors were complaining and she didn't know what else to do.  She also says she has given the dogs to another family member in order to avoid a conflict with neighbors.

"Duct taping a dog's mouth is totally unacceptable and yes it is against the law. It's animal cruelty.  Dogs who have their muzzle duct taped they can't pant to cool themselves down, they can't eat, they can't drink. If they were to vomit they could aspirate and they could die," said Jacque Vaughn, Hawaiian Humane Society.

The Hawaiian Humane Society also says dogs often bark because they are bored, lonely or seeking attention.

"None of those issues are any reason to duct tape its mouth. There are a lot of good solutions out there. There are anti-bark collars, you can take your dog for a walk, you can go see a behaviorist or a trainer," said Vaughn.

Angheluta is glad the dogs were taken to another home and she hopes the owners realize abusing animals is wrong.

"They don't need to have dogs. These people are not stable people to take care of a beautiful living creature. They are not nice people," said Angheluta.

The Hawaiian Humane Society is still investigating.  It wants to make sure the dogs are safe.

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