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Hawaii Fashion Incubator - Featuring Kini and Dinko

The Hawaii Fashion Incubator (HIFI) is thrilled to present KINIandDINKO.

· Hawaii Fashion Month (HFM) is an initiative of the Hawaii Fashion Incubator (HIFI) that highlights the diversity of Hawaii's fashion industry.

· HFM is a community driven effort, with support from the State of Hawaii and many partners, sponsors and volunteers.

· HFM showcases Hawaii's established professionals as well as emerging talents including designers, fashion photographers, stylists, models, fashion show producers, and more.

· Hawaii has a burgeoning fashion industry and HFM is a platform to display the work of Hawaii's rich pool of talent.

· HFM events throughout the month of November include fashion shows, shopping events, workshops, designer launches and an industry conference.

· The goal of Hawaii Fashion Month is to raise awareness of Hawaii as a unique, creative, and competitive destination and to bring sustainable growth to an industry that encompasses design, manufacturing, retail, art, education, and more.

· HFM is just one of HIFI's year-round efforts to celebrate, elevate, and promote all aspects of Hawaii's fashion industry – designers, manufacturers, retailers, stylists, educators, photographers, business executives and other professionals.


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