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Movie Review: FURY


Brad Pitt stars in FURY, a gripping, gut wrenching movie about how killing turns soldiers into damaged human beings.

The movie focuses on a five battle hardened, exhausted men who live in a Sherman tank that advances deep into Germany at the end of world war II.
It's definitely not for children or for anyone who hates to see carnage on the screen.

Brad Pitt is excellent as “Wardaddy"  the tough, war weary leader of the men in his tank.

Wardaddy: It (the war) will end soon but before it does, a lot more people gotta die….I started this war killing Germans in Africa. Now, I'm killing Germans in Germany.

When we meet Wardaddy and his crew, one of their own has been killed, and his replacement is an innocent young man with no combat experience. Logan Lerman is spot on as the terrified Norman.

Boyd (one of the tank crew): Wait till you see it.
Norman: See what?
Boyd: What a man can do to another man.

During the first battle he's part of, Norman is hesitant and Americans are killed because of it.

Boyd (screaming): Do your job! Do what you're here for!

It's a "kill or be killed" situation and afterwards, Wardaddy forces norman to shoot a German they've captured.

Wardaddy: You're no good to me unless you can kill Germans. Put a big fat hole in his back.
Norman: I can't do it.
So, Wardaddy wrestles with him, forces a pistol into Norman's hand, aims the gun at the German, and pulls the trigger.
FURY shows how decent men are hardened and traumatized by killing. After seeing so many of their fellow soldiers die, they take a furious pleasure in killing Germans. And it becomes clear why men like these would find it incredibly hard to live normal lives again.

The movie has its flaws including a final battle that goes on way too long. But overall, FURY is a realistic depiction of the carnage of war and the soul crushing experience of combat.

Terry hunter, Hawaii News Now.             

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