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State to consider new hunting rules

Garen Fergerstrom Garen Fergerstrom
Miles Fukushima Miles Fukushima
Lisa Hadway Lisa Hadway
Amanda McCracken & her dog Nani Amanda McCracken & her dog Nani
HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - The state will consider new hunting rules that some say could destroy traditional pig hunting methods.

The DLNR will hold a hearing Friday to approve the new rules, which will require all hunting dogs to be registered and to carry some form of identification. 

The state also wants hunting dogs to be restrained, except when they are in active pursuit of game in public hunting areas.

"I might as well quit hunting because it's ridiculous," said longtime hunter Garen Fergerstrom of Pearl City. 

"It's not going to be practical to do it any more."

The Department of Land and Natural Resources said the rules aim to cut down on confrontations between hunters and hikers who bring along their pets.

That's what happened in 2011 when a pack of hunting dogs mauled Amanda McCracken's dog Nani on the Manana Trail.

"Conflicts arise particularly on Oahu where you have high use of trails and we would like to alleviate those conflicts as much as possible," said Lisa Hadway, administrator for the DLNR's Forestry and Wildlife Division.

But Fergerstrom, who has hunted pigs for more than four decades, said restraints on dogs will make them ineffective during a hunt.

"They'd be making all kinds of noises and by the time you let them go the pig would be so far ahead of them."

Hunters also worry that the state will limit the number of dogs they can use. That's not up for vote tomorrow but the state said it will consider that in future rule making.

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