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Bad assumptions cost HART millions in new change order costs

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Frustrations mounted at the Honolulu Authority of Rapid Transportation (HART) board meeting today as members approved an additional $14 million in change order costs.

Rail CEO Dan Grabauskas admitted today some of the contracts went out earlier than they should have and they're now paying for assumptions that were made five years ago.

Back in 2009 they sent out contracts to design the guideway.  Assumptions were made about how much the stations would weigh.  Turns out those assumptions were wrong.  Now they have to redesign the plans with the correct weights.

"Assumptions make an ass out of you and me," said William "Buzz" Hong, HART Board Member. "I think the people that designed this system should pay us some of the responsibility for some of these change orders."

"Some contracts went out ahead of other contracts when they probably ought not to have," said Grabauskas. "In this case I wouldn't fault the designers. They were working on assumptions they were given by consultants back in 2009."

Contractors will not likely pay for the extra costs because they were working off assumptions given to them by the City's consultants.

There were also costs associated with the delay in the archaeological inventory survey.  The additional costs will come out of the contingency fund which is now down to $553 million.

A separate $70 million contingency fund set aside for delay claims has now been completely used.

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