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Surfing, swimming and driving through the storm

Image source: Monica Krivdo Selby Image source: Monica Krivdo Selby

Lifeguards have done three dozen rescues on the southern shore of Oahu alone as Hurricane Ana passes the islands to the south.

Ocean safety officials told HNN's Ramsay Wharton there were three rescues at Makapu'u Point, the far eastern point of Oahu, eight rescues at often treacherous Sandy Beach near Hawaii Kai, and 24 rescues in Waikiki.

Lifeguards also took an estimated 80 preventative actions at Makapu'u, 80 at Sandy Beach, and more than 500 in Waikiki. This refers to warning swimmers or surfers against going out in the water.

“Surfers will be surfers,” said Gary Kewley of Surf News Network. “A lot of these younger guys want to be able to say they've surfed the hurricane.”

Kewley said waves weren't as high as expected and there was a lot of brownwater, which means runoff from streams has polluted the ocean near shore. He described surf conditions as “lumpy, bumpy and grumpy.”

HNN's Ben Gutierrez, now on Kauai where winds are picking up, spotted surfers studying the water before going on. One told him the waves were breaking closer to shore than usual.

For some people the main danger from Ana has been ponding on roads.

“There's a big accident right now headed westbound just after the Kaonohi overpass,” Lianne Range posted on Facebook around 3:30 a.m. “Tons of emergency vehicles.”

Paul Meacher then posted that he had seen emergency vehicles rushing to the scene.

“We have a team watching social media,” said state official Doug Mayne from the civil defense headquarters inside Diamond Head. “They can get information from postings, and spot false information so it can be corrected.”

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