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HPD releases the rest of the video of a Sgt. fighting with his girlfriend

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) -

The 24-second clip has been played over and over again in the media. It shows Honolulu Police Sergeant Darren Cachola repeatedly hitting his girlfriend on September 8.

But Friday, the department released the rest of the video from inside a Waipahu Restaurant.  It includes more than an hour of footage of the two fighting both outside and inside the business.

It's the extended version that HPD says was key to not arresting Sgt. Cachola.

You can see the woman hit him multiple times. The two square off, even take off their shoes as they are laughing.

The woman has said several times that this was just horseplay. She is a kickboxer, and other witnesses have said the couple does this all the time.

The girlfriend is shown on the video punching, kicking, slapping even jumping on Sgt. Cachola before he begins punching back.

Despite the instigating, the department says the officer overreacted.

"It didn't excuse what that officer, Sgt. Cachola did, but what it did was give us an understanding of what was going on that night," says HPD Chief Louis Kealoha.

HPD also released the 9-1-1 call. The restaurant manager calls to report that he is arguing with an off-duty officer. He never mentions an assault or domestic violence.

"We don't have injuries, we don't have statements, we don't have corroborating evidence, how can we charge?" says Dep. Chief Dave Kajihiro.

HPD did not arrest Sgt. Cachola, the Office of the Prosecuting Attorney did not charge him, and a grand jury did not indict him.

But Sgt. Cachola is on desk duty and has had his police powers removed while an Internal Affairs investigation continues.  He is expected to face disciplinary action.

Multiple other HPD officers are also being investigated for how they responded to the 9-1-1 call, including another Sergeant who did not make officers complete a police report, which is standard procedure.

Sgt. Cachola was also given a ride by a fellow cop in a police car and you can see an officer put his hands on Sgt. Cachola's shoulders as he is escorted out of the restaurant.

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