Military medals stolen from fallen soldier's family

Military medals stolen from fallen soldier's family
Sgt. Drew Scobie
Sgt. Drew Scobie

KAILUA, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Karen Tao was almost finished with the display in her Kailua home.

There are pictures of her son, Sgt. Drew Scobie, and an American flag. There are also parts of his uniform.

She was just about to add the medals, certificates and a ribbon, all given to her at his funeral.  But the items were all stolen in a burglary Wednesday.

Altogether, seven medals were taken. The hardware isn't worth much to the thief, it can't really be sold, and can't be melted down for cash, but to Sgt. Scobie's family, the medals are priceless reminders of his service and sacrifice.

Sgt. Scobie, a 25-year old Hawaii National Guardsman, died in a plane crash in Afghanistan earlier this year.

"You feel very violated," says Tao, "Knowing someone would take something so personal like that, it's heartbreaking to me."

"We don't think they're worth much except the value of what they are to us," says Mckenna Panui-Scobie, Sgt. Scobie's widow.

Also taken in the burglary, a camera and computer. Both had pictures of Sgt. Scobie's funeral and of the birth of his daughter. The girl was born a few months after his death and was named, Drew, after her daddy.

But the family doesn't care as much about the camera, computer, or jewelry that was also stolen, they just want the military medals returned.

"The family's not interested in prosecuting, they just want it back, no questions asked," says Lt. Col. Chuck Anthony of the Hawaii National Guard.

Anyone with information about the items can call 733-4258.

They can set up a drop point or just tell the call taker where to find the bag.

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