Kauai residents asked to help endangered seabirds

Kauai residents asked to help endangered seabirds

LIHUI, Hawaii (AP) - Kauai residents are being asked to dim lights at night to keep threatened and endangered Hawaiian seabirds from getting confused as they fly from the mountains to the sea.

The Garden Island reports that seabirds get disoriented by artificial lights along the coast. Then they land on roads, parking lots and lawns, making them vulnerable to cars, cats and dogs.

Seabirds were traditionally used by navigators finding their way back to the islands. They also help fishermen find schools of ahi in the sea.

Homeowners are asked to turn off decorative and unnecessary lights, point lights down to the ground and put security lights on motion detectors so they aren't on all the time.

They're also asked to keep dogs and cats inside so they don't kill the birds.

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