Dr. Ashley Lukens Joins Sunrise to Discuss GMO Ban

Dr. Ashley Lukens Joins Sunrise to Discuss GMO Ban

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - The last televised gubernatorial debate was last night and one of the hottest topics on the table was the ban of GMO's. The overlying thought from all three candidates was there could not be an all out ban on GMO's from a fiscal point of view.

Sunrise invited Dr. Ashley Lukens from the Hawaii Center for Food Safety to give her take on this hotly contested issue. Dr. Lukens believes the voices of people asking for a healthier more environmentally friendly approach to agriculture, without GMO's, are not being heard.

In order to help those she believes are voiceless in this debate, Dr. Lukens helped create a film interviewing over 60 people, from doctors to farmers about their stance on the use of GMO's in Hawaii.

To see her film and keep up with the progression of this issue, follow @truefoodnow or search the hashtag "wearethemovement"

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