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Leeward homeless slowly learning about Ana

Twinkle Borge Twinkle Borge
Gordon Rosa Gordon Rosa
Thomas Couch Thomas Couch
WAIANAE, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) -

In a tent community at the Waianae Boat Harbor, word is slowly spreading that a storm is coming. More than 100 tents sit a stone's throw from the shoreline. About 200 people live there, many of them children. Not many know Ana is bearing down on the state.

"Maybe only a handful," Twinkle Borge said. "We was just told about the storm yesterday. So I know some of them is working on their tents for tie down, bring things in."

Gordon Rosa is one of the few who has heard.

"I just heard it on the radio yesterday when it was 1,000 miles away," he said.

Pastor Thomas Couch of House of Angels Ministries, the Waianae Coast Comprehensive Health Center and several other organizations on the Leeward Coast will canvas homeless camps in coming days with information on possible shelters if they are needed.

"Nanakuli High School for the Nanakuli people, Maili people. Waianae rec center where the basketball court is," Couch said.

He told homeless about Tropical Storm Iselle. Not all of them abandoned camp. He expects the same this time.

"I just going try stick it out," Rosa said.

"All will not leave only because what you see is what they own," Borge said.

In the Waianae Boat Harbor community, there is order, and neighbors look out for each other.

"I let my neighbors know about the storm. They're like, 'What?' They never know," Rosa said.

They are now beginning to catch on.

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