Typical hurricane hysteria has not set in

Typical hurricane hysteria has not set in

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - A possible hurricane heading straight toward Hawaii could hit the islands in just days. But the typical hurricane hysteria has not set in. Most stores have plenty of bottled water and checkout lines are manageable. Since the storm just formed southeast of the islands on Monday, some haven't even heard about it yet.

While some people are just learning about the storm now, others have their own theories about whether we'll get hit.

"I think the big mountains will cut the speed down," said one shopper at Costco Iwilei.

"I sort of feel when it's coming from that side it's not going to hit. I'm more afraid of the ones that come from Kauai side," Deedee Blackburn said.

One map shows all the storms that have come within 75 miles of Hawaii since 1950. Before Iselle hit this summer, there had only been nine named storms. If you zoom out to 200 miles, the number of named storms since 1950 increases dramatically. An even wider view shows all the storms. It's a reminder that while a direct hit from Tropical Storm Ana is possible, history shows a close call could happen too.

But with this being an active hurricane season, city and state officials aren't letting their guards down.

"We're hoping for the best and preparing for the worst. So if this does miss the Big Island and somehow turn toward us, we want to be prepared for that eventuality. So we definitely want people to take this seriously," said Peter Hirai, Deputy Director for Honolulu Department of Emergency Management.

"We are all very empathetic to what the Puna community has been going through. Seems like… it's never ending, it's one event after another," Director of Hawaii County Civil Defense Darryl Oliveira said.

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