Jeff Davis: The uncommon candidate

Jeff Davis: The uncommon candidate

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - He's a rooftop solar installer, talk radio show host and anti-establishment candidate for Governor. Jeff Davis wears his hats proudly.

He's a Libertarian by party, but will be the first to disavow it.

"Libertarian Schmibertarian. I'm across all parties" he said in a one on one interview with Hawaii News Now.

"I'm the fella' that says out loud what you're thinking".

Davis is outspoken on all the platforms of his candidacy. When it comes to education, he wants to close the gap in quality between public and private schools by decentralizing the Department of Education and giving more power to the counties and school principals.

"I was on my radio show making jokes about running for governor, and my motto was 'no rich child left behind'. So if you're concerned about your child's education here in Hawaii, you better be rich" he said.

Being a rooftop solar installer, Davis is naturally critical of the Hawaiian Electric Company.

"As a monopoly, there's no incentive to morph into a better business model. I'm the only candidate who will say this for obvious reasons because I have no campaign donations coming from that part of town, they must be taken apart". Davis continued that he would make the company into a public co-op, similar to Kauai.

Governmentally, he supports term limits for elected officials as well as public funding for campaigns. He believes in a smaller, more efficient, non-intrusive governing body. His Lieutenant Governor running mate is Cynthia Marlin, a Big Island Libertarian. Davis doesn't have a large war chest, having raised approximately four thousand dollars.

When it comes to agriculture, Davis is anti-GMO. He wants to loosen restrictions on shipping and incentivize farming. He believes in decriminalizing marijuana.

"Recreational marijuana would do wonders for our crime problems, get people out of court" he said.

While some may find those viewpoints aggressive or extreme, Davis sees things differently.

"What's crazy about wanting to turn this place around and build it as a vision for you and your son, and them and their sons. That's not crazy, that's common sense".

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