Residents, stores preparing for Tropical Storm Ana

Chelsea's 10pm report: Tropical Storm Ana strengthens southeast of islands
Target (Salt Lake)
Target (Salt Lake)

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Uncertainty is the hallmark for Tropical Storm Ana.

Although the newly-formed tropical cyclone in the Central Pacific is coming from the same direction as Hurricane Iselle did, meteorologist Chris Brenchley with the National Weather Service says the two systems are completely different.

"With Hurricane Iselle, we were tracking it from much further away and it was making this beeline. There was not a whole lot of uncertainty. Most the models said its going straight in...and the track did not deviate much," said Brenchley.

On the contrary, Tropical Storm Ana formed much closer to Hawaii and Brenchley says it's wandering right now, making it very difficult to predict.

"Its track is more of a meandering track. So the forecast track has it coming up here and then moving down and then moving up the southeast of the Big Island," Brenchley said.

Although there's uncertainty out in the Pacific, at stores across the state, disaster supplies are at the ready.

"Bottle water, which we stock quite a lot, ropes, standard propane tanks, portable stoves, grills, typical charcoal, batteries would be the best,and a lot of flashlights," said City Mill Kaimuki Supervisor Keven Self-Gomes.

Big Islands residents Shayla Lozano and Kekoa Kihe just heard about the storm while they were on Oahu. They said its pretty nerve-wracking to think about another possible hurricane right now, but they still have a lot left over from Iselle.

"We have like four cases of water, and a whole pantry full of food...all the foods from Costco...spam and corned beef, everything," said Lozano.

Benchley says historically, August is the busiest month for hurricane season and it begins ramping down between October and November. But if you remember, Hurricane Iwa hit the islands in November of 1982.

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