Swimmer reunited with Ala Moana Beach rescuer

Swimmer reunited with Ala Moana Beach rescuer

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Monday August 25th started off like any other for Kunio Miyazawa. It would end up being a day he would never forget.

He went down to Ala Moana Beach Park, as he does usually three to four times a week, to swim and socialize. Mid-swim, something went wrong.

"This big wave came over me, and I become panic. After that, I don't remember anything".

The lifeguards who were watching him remember everything. Uluwehi Keaunui was studying him from tower 1E through his binoculars.

"The other lifeguard in the tower asked me 'Ulu, what are you looking at?' And I pointed at Kunio and said 'he hasn't moved in a long time'"

Ulu dispatched his friend and fellow guard Donovan Silva. Silva, who was just returning from break, grabbed a board and paddled out to the unconscious swimmer.

"The first time I grabbed him he kind of slipped--his arm slipped out of my hands, so I grabbed him again and as I put him on the board he had foam coming out of his mouth," said Silva.

Silva was able to get Miyazawa on the board and paddle back to shore. Keaunui was waiting there with emergency equipment at the ready. Amazingly, they wouldn't need it.

"Right when he hit the shoreline, we looked at him and he started to breathe on his own," said Keaunui. Miyazawa was transported to the hospital in a state of semi-consciousness, one he still doesn't recall.

Fortunately, with time to heal up, what he lacks in memory he makes up for in perspective.

"They save my life, respond to my prayer" said Miyazawa.

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