E-cigarettes banned from Hawaii state buildings

E-cigarettes banned from Hawaii state buildings

HONOLULU (AP) - Electronic cigarettes are now banned from Hawaii state government buildings.

The state Department of Health announced Monday the policy went into effect this month and is part of the state's effort to keep workplaces and public locations smoke-free.

Health Director Linda Rosen says tests show vapors or aerosols from e-cigarettes contain nicotine, toxic chemicals and other carcinogens that are just as harmful as secondhand smoke from regular cigarettes.

The policy is based on a law that went into effect in 2006 that prohibits smoking tobacco products in places open to the public and workplaces.

The Health Department hopes the policy sets the tone for private sector employers and others.

A Hawaii County councilman's bill seeks to ban electronic cigarettes and vaporizers from Big Island beaches, parks and facilities.

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