Ex-guard, inmate convicted in Hawaii gang trial

Ex-guard, inmate convicted in Hawaii gang trial


Associated Press

HONOLULU (AP) - Jurors have convicted a former guard and an inmate of charges related to their roles in a Hawaii prison gang.

The jury reached its verdict Friday in a trial that has provided an inside look at the operations of the "USO Family" prison gang. Prosecutors say the gang started with a few Hawaii inmates needing protection in a mainland prison and has grown to at least 1,000 members involved in drug-trafficking, violence and tax fraud.

Jurors found former Halawa Correctional Facility guard Feso Malufau guilty of a conspiracy charge involving taking bribes from the gang to smuggle drugs and cigarettes into the prison. Jurors found inmate Tineimalo Adkins guilty of leading a brutal gang attack on a fellow Halawa inmate in order to maintain his position as an USO.

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