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Local Connection: Assault Video

By: Rick Blangiardi

Last week we showed a very disturbing video: a Honolulu police sergeant was seen pummeling his girlfriend with six punches inside a Waipahu restaurant where she is a manager.

Another video, captured 90 minutes earlier, shows the girlfriend jumping on top of the officer and the two rolling onto the concrete in what appeared to be another battle between them. The girlfriend now says it was all a misunderstanding that they were only engaging in horseplay.

Many legitimate questions have been raised about why the sergeant was not detained at the scene by his fellow officers since the sergeant has a history of domestic violence accusations. He is, however, currently under an internal affairs investigation, and he has had his police powers removed.

We want to acknowledge Police Chief Louis Kealoha for calling a press conference to address the incident. Like many of us, he had the right initial reaction when he said, quote, "this guy needs to be arrested, and needs to be brought to justice as a police officer." end quote

That said, we understand a full investigation is in order, and we support the position that all the facts need to be gathered before any conclusions are reached as to any punishment that might be handed out in this case.

The Ray Rice incident has given the NFL more than a black eye as a result of a surveillance video inside an elevator showing rice punching his future wife, and knocking her out cold. At the heart of the controversy, is the question of when the NFL found out about the incident, and whether rice would have been dismissed had this particular video not surfaced.

We wonder if an internal affairs investigation would have commenced against the HPD sergeant had the video not been sent out to Hawaii News Now and other media outlets.

The bottom line is we need to end violence against women - no matter what it takes and no matter who gets punished!

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