Local Connection: Lava Threat

Local Connection: Lava Threat

By: Rick Blangiardi

With the memory of Tropical Storm Iselle and its damage still fresh in the minds of Puna residents, now comes the news that a lava is coming close to homes in the same general area.

We have seen lava flows over the years, but it's rare when we see a threat warning as we saw last week flowing from the Puu Oo crater.

At first it looked like there wasn't much chance that homes would be affected but a recent Hawaii County Civil defense flyover showed it was moving much more quickly and less than a mile away from the Kaohe homesteads.

Even with homes evacuated, the roadways in place could be overwhelmed by the lava flow and the whole area cut off. Tens of thousands of animals also would have to be moved.

Hawaii County Civil Defense is doing a good job keeping residents updated and informed. And we are once again reminded that though we live in a beautiful place, natural disasters loom and we best be prepared at all times.

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