Kauai bottled water company warned to shut down

Kauai bottled water company warned to shut down

LIHUE, Hawaii (AP) - A Kauai water bottling and distribution company continues to operate, even though it's been seven months since the state Supreme Court ruled against it.

The high court in February struck down a 2008 circuit court ruling that the Kauai Planning Commission exceeded its jurisdiction in denying Kauai Springs, Inc. permits to operate.

The Garden Island reports Monday attorneys representing the county sent the company a violation notice warning it will face fines and possibly prosecution if it doesn't shut down.

The ruling is based on Hawaii's public trust doctrine to conserve and protect natural resources, including water.

Kauai Springs has a long-term agreement with a private trust to obtain water from a spring at the base of Mount Kahili.

Company representatives couldn't be reached for comment.

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