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Former Saturday Night Live stars Bill Hader and Kristen Wiig star in THE SKELETON TWINS, a comedy-drama about a brother and sister in their thirties whose father committed suicide when they were younger.

The movie offers a surprising mix of humor and sadness and two actors who are completely believable and exceptionally good.
Wiig is Maggie and Hader is Milo, twins who haven't talked to each other for ten years until Milo slashes his wrists and Maggie gets an emergency call about him as she herself is about to swallow an overdose of pills.

Before he leaves the hospital, she finds him reading a book.

Milo: Have you read MARLEY AND ME?
Maggie: Yeah, sad.
Milo: Why is it sad?
Maggie: You don't know how it ends?
Milo: No, that's why I'm reading it. Dog die at the end?
Maggie: I'm not saying anything.
Milo is a lonely gay actor who, after his suicide attempt, comes to stay with Maggie, a depressed wife who's not in love with her husband, Lance, played by Luke Wilson.

Lance (to Milo at dinner): We're trying to get pregnant.
Milo: Great.
Lance: I say “we are” because it's not sexist that way, right? That's what you told me.
Maggie: Yeah.
Milo: I can't wait to be the creepy gay uncle.
Lance is a decent guy, but he's not on the same wave length as the two siblings who understand each other perfectly even if they don't approve of each other's choices.  

Milo: I get depressed by my life.
Maggie: Because you're not a famous actor? I'm telling you. Nobody's a famous actor.
Milo: George Clooney's a famous actor.
Maggie: OK, George Clooney. I guess that's one exception.

Milo: You have to tell me a secret.
Maggie: I slept with my scuba instructor.
Milo: Maggie! Wouldn't it just be easier to tell Lance you're not ready to have a kid?
Maggie: What am I gonna do?

One of the movie's best scenes occurs when, to cheer Maggie up, Milo gets his reluctant sister to sing along with a recording of “Nothing's Gonna stop Us Now, the 1980's anthem by Starship.

There are additional complications in their lives. Maggie disapproves of Milo getting in touch with the former teacher who seduced him as a teenager.

Milo: I'm tired of you acting like you're the healthy one and i'm the special needs kid.
THE SKELETON TWINS is sweet, funny, poignant, and real— one of the most entertaining movies I've seen this year.
Terry Hunter, Hawaii News Now              thunder

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