Australian surfer suffers serious injuries after being bitten by two sharks

Australian surfer suffers serious injuries after being bitten by two sharks

ESPERANCE, AUSTRALIA (HAWAIINEWSNOW) - A 23-year old surfer has lost both his hands and part of his arm after reportedly being bitten by two sharks off Western Australia Thursday morning.

Bunbury man Sean Pollard is in stable condition after he was bitten while surfing with his girlfriend near Wylie bay at Kelpids beach, approximately three and a half miles from Esperance.

Authorities say it's "more likely" that Pollard was bitten by two great white sharks, but some experts think that Pollard was actually bitten by bronze whaler sharks, or copper sharks, which can grow up to almost 12 feet long.

But within hours of the incident, the state's Fisheries Department caught and killed two great white sharks that were between 10 and 15 feet long.

It's the first time a protected species has been killed by Western Australia officials.

This is the second time in a year someone was bitten by a suspected great white shark in waters off Esperance. Last October, a man was seriously injured while diving off Poison Creek, and officials believe a great white was to blame in that incident as well.

While sharks are common in Australian waters, the country has had an average of only two fatal attacks per year in recent decades.

Beaches from Wylie bay to Cape Le Grand were closed until further notice following the incident.

Pollard has received much love and support on social media from friends, family, and teammates, who are all wishing him a speedy recovery.

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