Drivers refusing to obey the rules of rail construction

Drivers refusing to obey the rules of rail construction

WAIPAHU, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) - This story proves that there are some drivers out there who think that rules and signs don't apply to them. Hart has closed part of Farrington Highway in the eastbound direction for construction near Kahi Mohala Hospital.

There are three signs indicating the road is closed. However plenty of drivers blatantly disregarded those signs and went the wrong direction against one way traffic. In just an hour and a half we saw 20 drivers blow past the signs.

Some drivers even sped up going the wrong way only to nearly miss the oncoming traffic going the correct way. Others said they didn't see all the signs telling them road closed.

"No, no. We are going to Target. We got lost," said one unidentified driver.

At 1:00 a Honolulu police officer was staged at the intersection of Weaver Road and Old Fort Weaver Road blocking off traffic.  Kiewit construction workers also added even more cones to block the way. But by 2:00 the officer was gone and cars started going around again.

A Hart spokesperson says they are working with HPD and says drivers caught heading in the wrong direction will be cited.

The detour and road closure will continue for another four months. The H1 freeway is likely your best around the roadblock.

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