FBI focuses on parents of wanted Hawaii couple for leads

FBI focuses on parents of wanted Hawaii couple for leads

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Four years after a Hawaii couple skipped out on sentencing, the FBI has new leads.  

Hawaii News Now has learned, John and Julianne Dimitrion's parents recently admitted to investigators that they have been in constant contact with the couple, via disposable cell phones, and a video calling system, similar to Skype.  The communication is at least once a month, maybe even once a week and they talk on holidays.

The Dimitrions are egotistical, scam artists who stole from distressed homeowners to fund a lavish lifestyle. They had Maseratis, a Mercedes, expensive jewelry, and clothes. 

The Dimitrions pleaded guilty in federal court in 2009 to scamming Honolulu residents in an elaborate mortgage scheme.  They were supposed to be sentenced in 2010, but they fled.

One of their victims, Waianae resident Laura Christo can't believe it's taking so long to find them, "I was so angry, so upset to learn that there were four other families that lost everything thanks to them."

The FBI says the couple had help getting out of the state, possibly from people in Alabama from a group called the Sovereign Citizens Movement. The feds say the Dimitrions convinced the group to help them.  Days before the scheduled sentencing, a chartered plane picked them up in Honolulu and took them to Utah. The couple then drove to Alabama.

"The last time we have a record of them being in Alabama was in 2011, after that they fell off the face of the earth," says FBI Special Agent Tom Simon, "I would have thought they would have been killed by the Sovereign Citizens Movement because there are some very violent people in that movement, but they continue to contact their mom and dad here."

John Dimitrion's father is a doctor at the Pali Momi Medical Center.  Laura Christo actually booked an appointment with the Internist to try to talk to him about the case.

"It's sad because he has nothing to do with it," says Christo, who hopes the doctor will eventually cooperate with investigators, "When your kids are doing things and hurting people, I would cooperate and let them know," she says.

The FBI is working the new information and hope they can finally close the case.

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