Kauai Community College gets new equipment boost

Kauai Community College gets new equipment boost

LIHUI, Hawaii (AP) - Filmmakers and artists at Kauai Community College are getting a boost from new equipment.

The Garden Island reported Monday that the school's digital media arts department now has $100,000 in state-of-the-art equipment.

The money for the digital cameras, lenses and printers came from state initiatives and private donors.

KCC Chancellor Helen Cox says the additional equipment will increase student enthusiasm.

Digital media arts instructor Matthew Fulmer says the equipment they were using was outdated. Now he says the program is on par with any school on the mainland.

Fuller is preparing an expanded curriculum. He wants to certify courses for an Associate of Science degree and strengthen the digital media arts program.

Cox says there are students who wouldn't have attended the college without the classes and new equipment.

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