The new movie called THE DISAPPEARANCE OF ELEANOR RIGBY: THEM stars James McAvoy and Oscar nominated actress Jessica Chastain. 

It's not about the character in the famous song by the Beatles. 

The movie was originally two separate films about the break up of a couple who still love each other. One of the movies presented her point of view; the other was his version. 

But the film's distributor forced the director to edit the two films together, eliminating more than an hour.

The result is uneven. The movie has fine acting and some powerful, very realistic scenes, but it also feels like a lot of essential moments are missing.

Far from being upset when James Mcavoy as Connor tells her that he has no money to pay for dinner in the restaurant where they're sitting, Jessica Chastain as Eleanor is excited by the prospect of sneaking out. "I'm going to leave first. And when the maitre d' is not looking you follow."

They do manage to escape, running down the street into a neighborhood, collapsing in each others arms on the grass. 

"Hey, Rigby," Connor says to her, "There's only one heart in this body. Have mercy on me.

In the very next scene, Eleanor tries to commit suicide by jumping off a bridge, but the audience has no idea why until she moves in with her parents and they mention that her baby has died. What a gaping hole in the storyline!

Her dad (William Hurt): None of us know how to help you.

Eleanor:Please stop reminding me that something's wrong.

Meanwhile, Connor is also lonely and distraught. Eventually, he spots Eleanor on the street and tries to talk to her.

Eleanor: Do me a favor; leave me alone.

Connor: Fine; you do what you gotta do. 

But Connor gets hit by a car as he's walking away. Eleanor screams. Cut to the two of them sitting on the curb after Connor has received some treatment from an EMS crew.

Connor (his face is bandaged): I was gonna say something good, something that would have solved all our problems and made everything all better, but you know what, I forgot what it was. 

Eleanor: That's too bad.

Much of THE DISAPPEARNCE OF ELEANOR RIGBY concentrates on the misery of these two people who just can't find a way to reconnect. 

Eleanor: I feel like we're living some frightful disaster cliche.

Connor: We are.

I wish I could recommend THE DISAPPEARANCE OF ELEANOR RIGBY because I really admire the honest emotion coming from these fine actors. but too much of the story is missing, and the ending doesn't offer a clear resolution of this couple's tragedy.

Terry Hunter, Hawaii News Now. 

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