Ex-inmate describes life in Hawaii prison gang

Ex-inmate describes life in Hawaii prison gang

Associated Press

HONOLULU (AP) - A man who served 20 years for robbery, kidnapping, assault and sexual assault describes some of the inner workings of a Hawaii prison gang.

William Woods says he joined the "USO Family" gang in 2000 while in an Arizona prison where some Hawaii inmates were sent.

Woods testified Friday at a trial for Tineimalo Adkins, the inmate he says recruited him, and Feso Malufau, a former guard accused of taking bribes for smuggling drugs into Halawa Correctional Facility for the gang.

Malufau's attorney Barry Edwards says Woods is testifying against his client as part of the gang's attempt to frame Malufau. Woods denies that.

The sister of another inmate who pleaded guilty to his gang involvement testified that she delivered money and cigarettes to Malufau as favors for her brother.

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