Guam man sentenced to life for stabbing rampage

Guam man sentenced to life for stabbing rampage

Associated Press

HAGATNA, Guam (AP) - A Guam man convicted of killing three Japanese tourists in a crash and stabbing rampage last year was sentenced Thursday to life in prison.

Guam Superior Court Judge Anita Sukola sentenced Chad DeSoto to three life sentences to be served concurrently. DeSoto won't be eligible for parole.

Sukola also sentenced DeSoto to 15 years in prison for the attempted murder of 11 others. DeSoto received the maximum penalty allowed for each conviction.

Sukola said DeSoto needs a life sentence to protect the public. She said there's a risk he would commit another crime if released.

The father and son-in-law of two victims said the perpetrator would have been sentenced to death in Japan. Yasuhiro Uehara said he's sorry the case wasn't tried in Japan and the death penalty wasn't an option.

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