Prosecutor: Hawaii prison gang 'kings of castle'

Prosecutor: Hawaii prison gang 'kings of castle'


Associated Press

HONOLULU (AP) - A federal prosecutor says a Hawaii prison gang that formed out of a need for inmate protection evolved into a violent organization whose members were "kings of their castle."

Assistant U.S. Attorney Jill Otake gave jurors a brief history on the "USO Family" at the start of a trial Wednesday for a former prison guard and an inmate. They are the last of 18 men indicted on racketeering charges last year who haven't pleaded guilty.

Former Halawa Correctional Facility guard Feso Malufau is accused of taking bribes to smuggle drugs into the prison. Tineimalo Adkins is accused of leading a brutal gang assault on a fellow Halawa inmate.

Both men deny the allegations.

The USO Family formed to protect Hawaii inmates from other gangs after the state started sending its prisoners to the mainland in the 1990s because of overcrowding.

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