Pedestrians at risk in Kailua crosswalk

Pedestrians at risk in Kailua crosswalk

KAILUA, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Monday night, a female in her twenties was taken to the hospital in serious condition after being hit by an SUV in the Kailua Road crosswalk fronting the now-closed Tesoro gas station.

It's the second time in three months a pedestrian has been hit in a crosswalk on that stretch of road, between Castle Medical Center and Kailua town.

In late June, a 79-year old woman died from injuries after being hit in the crosswalk fronting the 7-11 and Aloha gas station.

Bennett Chan, who has owned and operated Party Pizzazz out of the same strip mall for 15 years, has seen too many accidents happen.

"They're barreling down the road. Sometimes it seems like they're going 50 miles per hour" he said, adding "car accidents and pedestrians getting hit, they've got to do something out here".

The State Department of Transportation said through a spokeswoman that no traffic lights or lighted pedestrian signs have been in the works, although, according to spokeswoman Carolyn Sluyter; "we do analyze data from different intersections and it's a complicated formula. It has to do with traffic volume. It has to do with accidents".

Sluyter pointed to the DOT's public awareness campaign as a way for both pedestrians and motorists to be more aware of crosswalk usage. She said while those on foot have the right of way, they still need to be vigilant.

"As the pedestrian, you might be correct, but you might be the injured party--so you do need to look for the cars".

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