Windward Oahu schools issue safety alert after pellet gun incidents

Windward Oahu schools issue safety alert after pellet gun incidents 10pm

KAILUA, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) - The search is on for the person or persons who are driving around shooting at people with a pellet gun.  Two of the incidents involve students.

There is a safety alert with some of the Windward Oahu schools over the three pellet gun shootings and as we found out students have been shot in the past as well.

"People are stupid. They do it for fun," said Flamie Calpito, Kailua High School student.

"Do what shoot people?" I ask.

"Shoot their friends. It leaves welts though," said Calpito.

Apparently shooting people with BB or pellet guns isn't unusual.  We met three Kailua High students who have either been shot in the last year or know people who carry around the weapons.

"I was walking next to the Village in Ewa. Someone had shot me in my ear. When I pulled my earphone out the BB fell out. My ear was bleeding," said Sierra Lopes, Kailua High School student.

It's not only dangerous, but also illegal.  Honolulu Police are investigating three cases over the past week.

The first was at Kailua High School last Tuesday September 16.  Someone drove by in a dark colored van shooting at students as they walked home.

The next day it happened again, but at Castle High School in Kaneohe.  The person, again in the dark van, was shooting at students on their way home.

"It's dangerous and kind of shocking," said Leila Schank, Castle High School student.

Then Thursday night at the Shack Restaurant in Kailua a man minding his own business was shot in the chest with a pellet.  That time witnesses saw a silver sedan, possibly a Mazda. The man was taken to the hospital.  Fortunately none of the students were hurt.

"I will talk with my kids and tell them to stay on campus. Do not go outside. That kind of stuff is really dangerous," said John William, parent of two Kailua High School students.

Back at the Shack tonight, the man sitting in the same seat where the shooting happened wasn't concerned for himself, but does hope the shooter realizes he's focused on the wrong things.

"It's probably somebody out there who needs some help and I hope they go get it. If not I hope the Police find out who it is and put an end to it," said Ken Filbeck, Kailua.

Some schools sent out alert letters to parents. Others chose not to. None of the schools are planning any extra security as the Department of Education says they were off campus incidents.

"Complex areas advised their schools to take appropriate measures. Again, these are off-campus incidents. Principals use their discretion to determine how to best inform their communities and recommend safety measures (i.e. walk home with a peer, catch the bus if possible, just be vigilant and aware, and report suspicious activity)," said Alex Da Silva, Hawaii State Department of Education Communications Specialist, in a written statement.

The Honolulu Police Department says all three cases were reported. No arrests have been made. If any has information call 911 right away.

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