Fate of historic building in the air

Fate of historic building in the air

KALAELOA (HawaiiNewsNow) - According to local preservationist John Bond, Building 972 in Kalaeloa has quite a history.

"The building was built back in the sixties, it was a very important Cold War building" he said. Empty since 1999, the building has fallen into disarray. It's abandoned, boarded up, and covered in graffiti. It's surrounded by brush that hasn't been tended to in years.

Bond is upset because he feels some of the neglect could have been protected by the company which has leasehold rights to the property.

"Still on Navy federal land, it's up to the lessee to protect it, and right now it's not happening".

The entity responsible for it is Hunt Company, a development firm that is responsible for bringing over 35 buildings back to life in the area. An official with the company denies Bond's claim.

"When Hunt acquired the property in 2009, the building was already in this condition" said Vice President of Development Jose Bustamante.

For proof Bustamante cited and produced a report by the Navy which was conducted in 2007, two years before Hunt acquired the building. It states that the building at that time was "abandoned and heavily vandalized".

Bustamante admits that Hunt hasn't poured any resources into building 972. "With this building, the transformer was removed the copper was stolen in 2007. To put that infrastructure back into a building takes a lot of work".

Additionally, Bustamante said there aren't any prospective clients interested in the building being renovated and repurposed.

Hunt Company's redevelopment plan can be found online at:

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