Body of diver found in waters near Kaneohe

Body of diver found in waters near Kaneohe

KANEOHE, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) - A man in his 80's has died while diving in waters near Kaneohe on Thursday afternoon.

Neighbors who were on a nearby boat say they saw something floating in the water near the sea wall and immediately called 911.

According to Honolulu Police Department, the victim had gone diving in the late afternoon on Thursday and returned to shore with an octopus he had caught, then went back in the water to dive again.

Police said when the victim went in the ocean for the second time, that's when he ran into trouble.

Neighbors who had known the victim for 30 years tell Hawaii News Now the man was in great shape and went diving every day.

Officials have classified the incident as an unattended death until confirmation is received from the medical examiner.

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