Honolulu's Police Chief fires back at critics regarding a Sergeant shown in a violent video

Honolulu's Police Chief fires back at critics

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - HPD Chief Louis Kealoha says criminal and internal investigations take time and calls for swifter action are out of line.

"If people want me to deviate from these policies and procedures and deviate from my 30 years of law enforcement experience, training and education to satisfy public scrutiny, I'm not going to do that," he said at a press conference Thursday.

The video from September 8, shows Sgt. Darren Cachola repeatedly hitting his girlfriend inside a Waipahu restaurant. Lawmakers, legal experts, and the public have said the video should be enough to arrest Cachola and fire him.

"All these attorneys watching the videos and saying, hey, that's enough to arrest... Well... Let me tell you this, these are the same people who would not hesitate to turn around the next day and sue us because we arrested someone without having enough evidence," Kealoha said.

Cachola was placed on desk duty and had his police powers removed.

At the press conference the Chief also clarified why he canceled a meeting with members of the Women's Legislative Caucus and Honolulu Councilmembers Thursday.

The lawmakers wanted more details on HPD's domestic violence policies.

Chief Kealoha said he thought the meeting was going to be just with State Senator Laura Thielen but later found out it was going to be all the members of the caucus and said he wasn't prepared to brief the large group and his office wasn't big enough.

The lawmakers were not happy about that but said they were going to move on and look forward to a briefing in two weeks.

Chief Kealoha said the investigations could take awhile. Even if Cachola is not charged criminally, he could face internal disciplinary action.

You can read HPD's policies for both officers and city employees online:

Honolulu Police Department HR policy for officers

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