Close call for body surfer in near drowning at Sandy's

Close call for body surfer in near drowning at Sandy's

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - A body surfer nearly lost his life Sunday afternoon at a hazardous spot at Sandy Beach.

With powerful waves rolling in, lifeguards hope other beach goers stay out of danger.

"I think the guy probably caught a wave, hit the bottom, went unconscious, then he got sucked out with the current," said a witness at Sandy Beach.

People in the ocean spotted him floating face down, and helped bring him in to lifeguards.

They performed CPR on the 54-year-old man who ended up in the hospital in serious condition.

Those who assisted with the rescue were relieved to hear that the man survived.

Keoni Wilcox helped rescue the body surfer. "By the time we got to the beach, he was completely blue and the lifeguards did an awesome job resuscitating him. He was able to answer their questions, move his right arm, move his left arm. They got him breathing and they say he's going to be alright."

Lt. James Sloane of Ocean Safety and Lifeguard Services Division wants the public to heed the high surf warning.

"It's really, really busy across the whole south shore and basically we just try to warn people, if you're not an expert, you don't have swim fins, you shouldn't be swimming at Sandy Beach," Sloane said.

Over on Oahu's south shore, lifeguards performed 51 rescues Sunday and warned more than 800 people.

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