EXCLUSIVE: New video of fight between HPD Officer & girlfriend before violent attack

EXCLUSIVE: New video of fight between HPD Officer & girlfriend before violent attack
Fight between HPD Officer and Girlfriend
Fight between HPD Officer and Girlfriend

WAIPAHU, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) - New surveillance video shows Honolulu Police Sgt. Darren Cachola fighting with his girlfriend, Deberah, less than an hour before the woman was attacked.

The new video was taken in a Waipahu shopping center Monday night, just before 10 o'clock.

Witnesses say, they were arguing over her cell phone.

Deb appears to jump on the Sergeant's back.  Cachola backs up, until she slams into a wall. Both tumble onto a plant.

Attorney Paul Cunney, who doesn't represent Cachola, but has in the past, says the new video shows, Deb was the aggressor.

"They wrestle to the ground, and at that point, she pushes his face into the sidewalk and then, while he's down, she pounds him twice in the head," says Cunney.

But the woman does appear to be in pain. She grabs the back of her head, where she hit the wall, as she staggers away.

Cachola slowly gets up, picking up the cell phone and listening to it.

About thirty minutes later, Cachola allegedly attacks the woman inside Kuni's Restaurant, where she works. That video, which Hawaii News Now showed you earlier this week, shows Cachola repeatedly hitting her until employees intervene.

Deb did not want to talk on camera Thursday because Internal Affairs told her not to talk to the media. But she did want to show me her arms, torso area, and ribs to prove she didn't have any injuries from that night. She has also described the incident on tape as 'horseplay'.

Sgt. Cachola was not arrested and the department is looking into the case.

Cachola -- an 18-year veteran of the force -- is on desk duty. And police sources tell me, another Sgt. is also under investigation for not making responding officers do an assault report.

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