Residents: Hawaii lava part of living in paradise

Residents: Hawaii lava part of living in paradise

Associated Press

PAHOA, Hawaii (AP) - Lava from Kilauea volcano has forced Shawn Heard to move her house once already, back in the 1980s. She's at peace with the possibility of eventually having to do so again.

Heard lives just miles from a cluster of homes that is being threatened by a lava flow inching its way down the lush, rain forest-like slopes of Kilauea. She knows lava could one day get to her house.

And yet, she doesn't think about living anywhere else.

Heard settled here for the tranquility of a rural area and the great people she met. It's a place where she can go home at night and see the stars.

The lava flow is giving those who are in the process of moving here or are planning to reason for pause.

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