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Honolulu man arrested for murder 7 years after his wife's death

Anthony Simoneau Anthony Simoneau
Anthony Simoneau Anthony Simoneau
Fumiko Ogawa Fumiko Ogawa
HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - There are new developments in a seven-year-old cold case. The main suspect has been arrested here in Honolulu.  Tony Simoneau, 46, awaits extradition back to San Diego for murder charges.

Tony Simoneau is in the Honolulu police jail cellblock right now.  Yesterday he was arrested near the Keehi Marine Center on Sand Island Access Road accused of killing his wife.

He's been charged with the murder of his wife Fumiko Ogawa Simoneau.  Her body was found in the San Diego desert back in 2007.  At first her body was thought to be a border crosser, but a DNA match confirmed it was her three and a half years later.  Police documents say that whole time Tony Simoneau pawned her wedding ring and other items.  He also continued to tell people she was either in Japan with family or in Hawaii working on their home.

"I'm a broken man right now to be honest with you.  I just am totally overwhelmed," said Simoneau, at a court appearance October 25, 2011.

That was Simoneau in court three years ago convicted for shoplifting a $395 bag from Nordstrom.  He'll be back in court on Monday.  He can either waive the extradition and be back in San Diego within a month or fight it which would then require a California Governor's warrant which would take longer.  Either way authorities say he will end up back in San Diego.

Simoneau had been a driver for Speedi Shuttle but his attorney Lesley Maloian tells us he was fired a couple months ago when they learned about his past and were concerned he was driving around Japanese tourists.

We spoke with Simoneau less than two months ago on the phone and he maintained his innocence, just like he did three years ago.

"I miss my wife very much and I will state, for the record, I did not kill my wife. I love her very much okay," said Simoneau to the media after his court appearance in 2011.  

Maloian also said he's "101 percent not guilty." She also says he very well might fight extradition.  We'll see on Monday.

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