UH Manoa students face familiar parking problems

UH Manoa students face familiar parking problems

MANOA, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Students starting a new semester at the University of Hawaii at Manoa face a chronic parking shortage. Some even camped out overnight for a shot at a coveted permit.

Sophomore Cassidy Cox has quite a collection of parking tickets from the school. The sophomore's vehicle was one of several tagged in a lot near the Hale Aloha Towers for not having the proper permit.

"Probably since freshman year I've gotten 30 tickets, including like my moped tickets from just not being able to get the parking pass on the first day. They come around and just hand out tickets," said Cox.

Students who live on campus but have jobs off campus waited overnight in the rain last week to pick up an application for a permit. A spokeswoman for the school said there was no shortage of applications. The number of applications picked up was less than the number of permits available. The university will try to correct the misunderstanding that students need to camp out.


"It's just hard. Who wants to camp out overnight for a parking pass that you may or may not even get depending on if you have work or not, and your status and how high you are up on the list? I think it's ridiculous," said Cox.

Sarah Marten found a $15 ticket on her truck after her classes on Tuesday morning.

"If you try to get a parking permit, you only have carpool options available (now). If you don't carpool with someone, you have to fill out an exemption form or get it way in advance. I didn't know I was going to have a car this year until about a week before school started. By then all the permits were gone," said Marten.

There are roughly 6,300 parking stalls for more than 26,000 students, faculty, and staff, according to the university. The school issued 6,577 permits for this semester. Upperclassmen have a better shot at purchasing a $142 pass. If students don't have a permit, they can pay for daily parking on campus or look for a spot in a nearby neighborhood.

"I try to park up in the Manoa area over by Oahu Avenue or on Dole Street, but they get taken up. By 8 o'clock all the spots are gone," said Marten.

The university encourages students to walk, bike, carpool, ride the free Rainbow Shuttle or use the city bus.

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Copyright 2014 Hawaii News Now. All rights reserved.